Home is where the Heart is

Happy Day from San Antonio, TX. I am officially back to blogging. (I have said this a couple times before, but this time I am hoping to truly stick with it and make our friends and family proud! 🙂 lol!

For those who do not know…..well we have moved to San Antonio, TX!  What a journey, to say the least, this has been. Going from a town of around 25,000 to 2 million is just a little bit of a change.  lol! Our story is a constant reminder to us just how amazing our God is. We give all praise to him.  As we share our story on how we got to San Antonio, most people either giggle non-stop or shed a few tears along with us, or do both! It’s extremely comical as Nick and I look back at the roller coaster days and craziness we experienced over a few weeks. Over the next few days I plan to explain more on our drive around the U.S., the amazing ups we endured, a few emotional breakdowns, fabulous uhaul riding, hotel living, hairless puppy on board, robberies, airport dashes and some interesting and great people we met along the way. Most of all…you might think what crazy parents we seem to be in the eyes of our sweet boy! lol!  With this said, I am beyond blessed and super impressed how Dawson is taking all the changes he has been faced with. He has had some breakdowns, but nothing more than expected. As adults, Nick and I have had a few cry fests, so in our eyes, we can only imagine what an innocent 4 year old thinks.  The one thing that kept us sane is our FAITH and knowing GOD is in control.   For more on what we are up to….click the “About” link above. 🙂




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