A Humbling Experience

This week we turned over one of the last things that was a reminder of our journey to San Antonio. When we found out early last fall we where heading to Minot, North Dakota we knew the weather was brutal and that it would be hard for me to get around in the heavy snow without having an AWD vehicle. A couple weeks before our actual move date, we traded in my beloved GMC Acadia so we would be prepared for what’s ahead. We decided on a much smaller SUV, a Nissan Rogue, because we thought it would be easier for me to get around in and there wasn’t a need for anything more. Since, let’s face it, when the weather is -5 outside you don’t really make big plans to travel or get out of the house. With this in mind, I wanted the cheapest thing on the market!!

Well, little did we know that we would soon discover God had much bigger plans for us!

This past week a local dealership was having big rebates ($5,500) on their 2013 Nissan Pathfinders (which is the same size of the GMC Acadia). We now love how Nissan’s drive so we knew we wanted to stick with them. We also are super cheap and knew if we bought a car it would have to be the best deal ever or just forget it. We knew back home they didn’t have any rebates or sales on these SUV’s, so we went to the dealership that was offering the rebates, price matched with a few other dealerships, and listened to all their sales spills over and over. Don’t get me wrong, the salesmen were fantastic, but car shopping is not our thing. If you know Nick and me….you know we DO NOT like to make decisions, and we think about everything forever! (It took Nick 6 months once to decide if he wanted to buy a flat screen tv.) We are super cheapskates when it comes to vehicles so this was something a little different for us. “Oh my word” is all I can say about our car shopping experience!!! I want to hide under a table now just thinking about it all! I was seriously trying to listen to the very nice salesman, but let’s just say my fabulous 4 year old was not having it. So this turned into to let’s humilate mommy each time we stop at a dealership!

It’s becoming very clear that the older Dawson gets the more he is developing  his daddy’s personality (but he still has a lot of his mommas personality too.) 🙂  I knew I was going to be in for it when I insisted for Dawson to sit still in an salesmen’s office for 2+ hours.This together sums up my child’s personality…(Talking 24/7, dancing constantly, joking, super comical, always laughing, aggravating, begging to go outdoors, germ freak, loves to learn new things, passionate, caring, big heart, tunes everyone out for tv, thrill seeker, fearless, prankster). With all this in mind you can imagine why I am still trying to block out the memories of what all happened last week. I just hope I really don’t run into the salesmen we met anytime soon. They probably think….what a wacky family! haha! Here’s just a few of the wonderful things that happened……

At our first stop Dawson let the salesmen clearly know that my legs were very scratchy, spikey and had too much skin…hair on them!!? (Seriously…I just shaved the night before…. I promise!!.. My face was red at this point). I think to myself I am in the clear now since Dawson is setting on my lap watching netflix on the iPad. Well it doesn’t stop there… Several minutes goes by and Dawson interupts me talking, to announce my breath smells really bad!! (What? the gum didn’t cover the onion from lunch??..My face is now remaining super red.) To top it off, as we are wrapping things up, my child decides to pass gas multiple times loudly, then turn, look and blame it on me. (WHAT!!!?? What am I raising here??? I am horrified at this point and Nick is trying to keep in the laughter from what’s come out of our child’s mouth the past 2 hours.)

So as we leave the dealership to go home and think about it…I had a little chat with Dawson about how he embarrassed mommy and we don’t want to say things like that. (This as Nick is biting his lips, holding in laughter) Bottom line…he’s 4 years old, and a kid is a kid. I know that, and I also know that you never know what’s coming out of my child’s mouth next..so family, friends heads up when you have him in your presence!!!! 🙂

A few days later we hit up one last Nissan dealership. I gave Dawson a pep talk on being good before we left, so I thought I had this in the bag this time. (I may or may not have bribed him with his special brownies later… 🙂 )  Not so fast though…. Over time Dawson got super bored (understandable because I was as well) watching movies on the ipad, so he decided to break dance for a while. Let’s just say by a while I mean for about a good 30 minutes.  That’s totally normal with our family so no need to sweat it.  A dance party takes place almost nightly with Dawson and Nick. In fact, if you ever FaceTime us I can guarantee Dawson will insist on showing you his latest dance moves he’s mastered or will do his all time favorite moves as he sings to “This girl is on fire”! The only awkward situation at this specific dealership was when my child (no not animal) decided to breakout of one of his dance moves and slide on over to the salesmen’s desk and totally lick the paper he was referring to? (Seriously am I raising a dog??) OMG!!! I instantly apologized! Dawson has never done anything like that before and we were at a loss for words. The salesmen didn’t really know what to say.  I’m sure he probably thinks we all have a fetish with licking things? Who knows..but I promise we don’t! So of course a small chat on the ride home consisted of how disgusting it is to lick random things…etc!!

Over a week later and a lot of time spent with a bright red face dealing with salesmen and a 4 year old, we finally traded in our North Dakota bound AWD Rogue for a Pathfinder. We got a great deal and we love having the extra room so we can fit more people in our vehicle. It will be great also to fit all our luggage in the back when we travel home soon. 🙂

Until next time……….. God Bless!


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