A special second mom, “Birtha”

July 7th, a day that an amazing, caring, loving, beautiful woman was born. A special woman I am honored to call my (step) second mother. 12 years ago God had different plans for my “Birtha” (aka..Booger, Brenda, Mom), as she was called home. It’s a day that personally forever changed my life as I know it did so many others. At 18 years old and a senior in high school, losing a parent was something I never imagined. My second mom was only 52, full of life and was gone in a heart beat. For some people the word “Step” Mother doesn’t mean that much and is often an ugly term used in a negative light. That’s why I prefer to say my “second mother”. Brenda took on her role as a second mother to my sister and me when I was 6 years old. Having a beautiful daughter already in high school and a son who had already graduated, Brenda took on being a “second mom” to two young girls like a super mom, with grace and unconditional love! I am beyond blessed to have had her in my life for 12 wonderful years. She played a huge role in the making of the woman, wife and mother I am today. Her legacy should be something all “step” mothers follow. She poured her heart out to us and wrapped her arms around us with lots of love.  The exact same love and compassion she showed her biological children. The word “step” didn’t separate bonds in our family. Praise God for blessing my father with such an amazing woman who I will never forget. There isn’t a doubt in my mind my father does the same. My father is still a widow. We talk about the past as it was yesterday. The only thing different during our talks now than in high school is there are only two of us at the table, because one is a beautiful angel in heaven.  I will cherish all the wonderful memories, our last conversation hours before you made your grand entrance in heaven, and our last hug and kiss goodbye.  I love you Birtha (Brenda)!

I will go to bed tonight counting my many blessings once again and praising God for all the memories we shared.

I am beyond thankful I have the 3 best motherly angels looking down on me. All their earthly lives were short, but the incredible legacies my mom, my grandmother and my (second mother) Brenda left behind will never stop touching my heart or others.




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