Happy Birthday to our MIRACLE!! Ellie Anna is ONE!

Exactly one year ago today our world was turned upside down. I laid in pain from the inside out doing the only thing I knew to do….pray. Pray for a miracle! My precious daughter I had just given birth to needed a miracle to say the least. As time ticked away, I prayed so hard. I cried and cried and laid in the cold hard hospital bed fearing for the phone to ring or a team of doctors to walk in my room and tell me that my beautiful daughter didn’t make it; that she lost the ugly battle of CDH. Minutes, hours, and days passed. I continued to pray and give it all to God, something that’s so hard to do when all you want is to hold your sweet baby and take her home.  Deep inside I knew that God had a plan, and know matter what road he had my family headed down, I had to keep the faith. God would get us through it.  His grace is unending. 365 days later, I am speechless and humbly blessed. My sweet Ellie Anna woke up this morning in her crib, in her home, surrounded by her family. That’s something I will be forever grateful for and beyond blessed; something I once took for granted. You see, 50% of babies born with a Congenital  Diaphragmatic Hernia don’t survive. The chances of survival with having a right sided diaphragmatic hernia like Ellie Anna are even more slim. She is proof that miracles can happen and our God is the great physician. I pray that those who are lost or are hurting find comfort in the fact our God is an awesome God. Sometimes the cards we are dealt are hard to over come, but trusting in him and his plan is the most rewarding thing we can ever do.   Thank you all for your prayers and love! We are forever thankful!

Blessings, Chel

(Here’s the link to my first post about Ellie’s journey with CDH)

.IMG_5976 IMG_5977IMG_9098 IMG_9097


1 thought on “Happy Birthday to our MIRACLE!! Ellie Anna is ONE!”

  1. Awwww! So cute! Hi! This is Noelle from iCS we are in science class rightnow and a lot of us are looking at this!

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