A new season, a new country

{I told myself a few years ago that I would not stop blogging. It was an outlet to keep all our family and friends who lived so far away updated on our life. As time passed and life became overwhelmingly busy, I ventured away from social media and blogging all together. Now living thousands of miles away, across the world, I have committed to my family to do a much better job of make blogging more of a priority.}

This year God threw us a huge curve ball when he laid it on Nick’s heart for us to do more for the Lord and teach internationally. If you would have told me last summer that I would be teaching in Southeast Asia this school year, I would have probably told you that you’re crazy. It’s something so out of my comfort zone. I had no complaints about life. My children were happy and thriving. I enjoyed my job and Nick was very happy with his as well. The most important lesson I have learned over the past year is to listen and follow God’s lead. Sometimes being comfortable with life isn’t what he has planned for us. When we accepted the position to become Missionary Teachers in January, I don’t think it really soaked in at the time. There were so many doors that had to open in order for us to make this huge decision and move across the world. I don’t want to say I ever doubted God and his power to open door after door, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it all seemed impossible. Month by month our story began to unfold as doors continued to open and the impossible was made possible. It was truly only the work of the Lord. He is the reason we are in Singapore today. This summer as we were in training to be commissioned as missionaries it all became much clearer to us. Jesus has paved the way and now it’s our time to be the hands and feet of Jesus on the ground in a country that his name is barely known. I can’t say the past few months transitioning into this new season of life has been easy. We had to make some of the biggest decisions of our life. We resigned from our teaching positions, we sold our vehicle, we sold our home we custom built, and also sold everything inside that was materialistic. We rented a Uhaul and loaded up all our meaningful items and put them in storage in Arkansas. We had to grieve leaving our family and friends all over once again. Through all the sadness of leaving what we know behind, God has given us so much peace about following his lead and being a light.
For the next two years, we will be serving as missionary teachers at an International School in Singapore. We get the most amazing honor of teaching and witnessing to students from numerous countries all over the world. This is the biggest leap of faith we have ever taken, but we know our Lord and savior is in control.
The past few weeks in Singapore have flown by. We have so much to share. To summarize our time here so far is simple; God is always good. In a few short weeks God hasn’t just changed our lives, he has worked in the lives of our children. They are thriving and doing better than we could ever have expected. Their story in this season of their life is just beginning. The support from our school staff and the community itself in helping us transition and adjust has been a blessing. We have been welcomed with open arms. We work with amazing teachers and administrators who all have the same goal in mind. I can’t wait to share more as our story continues to unfold.


4 thoughts on “A new season, a new country”

  1. So thankful you are keeping us posted on what God is doing in your life. We continue to pray with you and for you. Anxiously waiting to hear the next thing God does.

  2. So proud of you both. It takes a lot of courage and faith to follow God’s leading sometimes. I am so very proud of the family I am a part of. I know mom and dad are both smiling down with humbled hearts today. Our prayers are with you daily…we love you…

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