Our Summer in a Nutshell

“Summer Loving, had me a blast, summer loving happened so fast…..”.

Ok. Well, our summer didn’t necessarily follow the lyrics for the rest of the song from one of my favorite musicals (GREASE), but we had a great first summer in San Antonio.  And it flew by pretty fast.  Although, if you went outside, I am pretty sure you could boil an egg instantly. It seemed to stay 100+ with little rainfall. In all honesty though, the weather wasn’t much different than back home in Arkansas.  The worst weeks in San Antonio were from the middle of July to the end of August. With the weather so hot and humid, we did go crazy on a few occasions with having to stay inside! I mean who wouldn’t right?  I might have pulled out a few hairs, eaten over my fair share in snacks and got super liberal with my time outs, but we can just blame all of  it on the scorching hot weather!!

We were super blessed this summer with several visitors.

We were blessed with our friends from back home in Searcy coming  down for a visit at the end of May.  A couple weeks later we packed our bags and headed back home to Arkansas  to visit with family and friends. Our visits home always seem to fly by. 😦  In June we were blessed again to have Nick’s parents and his sister’s family come down for a few days. I was also able to steal my nieces for a total of 3 weeks throughout the summer. Of course having family and friends in town meant hitting up Sea World. We secretly have that park down and have so gotten our money’s worth. My favorite line from Nick, is when people ask if we have been to Sea World yet. His response, yeah like 30 times. Well he’s honestly pretty close to the truth!  We live less than 10 minutes away from Sea World and we have season passes. Why wouldn’t we be a frequent visitor, right?! I am sure we will go several more times before the year is over and our passes expire.

This summer we also got the opportunity to go float the Frio River with some sweet friends we have met here in San Antonio. If you know me well you’re probably giggling at the fact I actually went. Well guess what, I did! I am pretty positive I embarrassed myself a few times with my fears of small rivers, but in my defense at times the Frio river seemed like a little creek. I was just thinking a snake was going to slither right up in my tube at anytime.  The good news is we had a wonderful time visiting with these sweet families and their cute kids! Dawson loved it! I would go again. 🙂

We also made a trip to Destin, FL in August. We went with our friends the Harvey’s from Searcy and another sweet couple the Vinson’s from El Dorado. We had a good time and the weather turned out to be great after 60% of rain was forecasted for most of the week. It had been a couple of years since we all went to the beach together. So it was great time for all the kiddos to play and everyone catch up.

This post can’t wrap up without a little confession right? PARENTING IS THE HARDEST JOB EVER!!! Ok super glad I got that out! On a serious note, I have had my eyes deep into researching, reading and praying the best ways to parent my little sweet monster. As a parent most of the time when parenting, disciplining etc… You attempt to outsmart or stay a few steps ahead of your child while teaching them about life, our attitudes, right from wrong etc.. Nick and I have stayed loss for words way to much lately. Our child seems to outsmart us, over and over. He’s on top of it, brilliant, witty, hilarious and a huge mess that we love so much!! So trying to be a great parent and raise a wonderful little boy to be the best he can be and live for the Lord, is challenging. It sure is kicking our booty at times! No worries, I will figure it all out one day maybe! This kiddo hasn’t realized yet, his momma is way too determined and the biggest research queen. One of the self-help momma books will have the answer soon??!! lol! j/k!


On another note!! Tomorrow is my momma’s BIRTHDAY!!! She has been in heaven for 7 years now and I miss her like crazy. She was the most caring, loving, sweet, funny, woman you will ever meet. She could be a fire-ball at times, but that’s why we loved her so much!! I know she wouldn’t miss a thing in our lives now and would have frequent flyer miles to San Antonio. She is truly a woman who put family first! As a single mom, she gave it her all and did a wonderful job!!
So tomorrow, Dawson and I will make a trip to Burger King and get a Frozen Coke!! That’s how we will celebrate her special day!! (If you knew my momma, then she probably had you pick her up a frozen coke before or she got one for you!)


(This pic was a week before she passed away from Pancreatic Cancer. Praise God for blessing me and letting my sweet momma see me graduate college.)



(High School Graduation)




Until next time my friends….. Take care 🙂




1 thought on “Our Summer in a Nutshell”

  1. My new “daughter-in-law to be” is about to student teach in Des Arc. She is from Cabot and wasn’t that excited about going to a small school. Then I told her about all the people I love from over on the White River. Of course, you and Nick came into the conversation. Sounds like a fun summer. I would love the float on the Frio. How can a race car driver be afraid of small rivers? Ha! You are a great mother. You’ll never have it all figured out but that’s okay because there is One who does. He’s going to help you. He is the very best Parent. 🙂 Miss you guys.

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